THE INFINITY RING - Nemesis & Nativity - Black Vinyl

THE INFINITY RING - Nemesis & Nativity - Black Vinyl

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In the summer of 2020, the seeds for what would become THE INFINITY RING were planted by Cameron Moretti, drawing together many musicians long active in the Boston metal, punk, and electronic scenes.

The initial endeavors of the band started as an experimental take on dark folk music with added elements of drone and noise. The band eventually grew to be an alchemical fusion of experimental rock with many disparate strains from the post-industrial continuum, all delivered with a spiritual and mystic bent. The band's output sits at the crossroads of many different styles, such as ominous folk, no wave, industrial, and black metal, with elements of occult and ethereal antiquarian sonics laced throughout. The band spent most of 2020 and 2021 experimenting in various studios around New England, deeply immersed in open-ended musical R&D. These sessions would eventually lead to the collaborative Ohr EP with Jarboe.

In early 2022, the band set out in earnest to record its debut album, Nemesis & Nativity, at God City Studios in Salem, Massachusetts with Kurt Ballou. The album built on much of what came before, but with a more pronounced sense of ritual, atmosphere, and heaviness. During the creation of the album, genre conventions fell by the wayside and extreme experimentation was channeled, resulting in a sonic palette that morphs from elegantly haunted atmospherics to mystic ritual drone, brutalist industrial rhythms to passages of hallowed melancholy. In the live setting, the band is dedicated to bringing the same experimental and spiritual energy, often incorporating several guest musicians into the ensemble. In certain live contexts, any semblance of a traditional band is abandoned in favor of a more freeform collaboration with other artists, or even in favor of a solo acoustic performance. Ultimately, The Infinity Ring is a collective united under a banner of experimentalism and hermetically-aligned creative practice, all in an effort to channel the intangible otherworldly qualities present in many different styles of underground music.

At times, the band has been said to invoke sounds such as Swans, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Dead Can Dance, all particular to their sonic worldbuilding.

Track Listing:

1. Crown Of Stars
2. Temptress
3. The Valley
4. Trifet II
5. Pan & Syrinx
6. Gift Of Life
7. Orpheus Dragonfly Satyr
8. Lazarus Millennium Sun
9. Wax & Oil
10. Prison
11. Nemesis & Nativity

Vinyl Specs:
Single LP Jacket w/black flood, designed insert, download card.

Title: Nemesis & Nativity
Label: Profound Lore Records
Catalog No.: PFL-296
Release Date: April 14, 2023
843563156810 (Cream/Black Colour Mix Vinyl)
843563156827 (Transparent Cream vinyl with Black Splatter)
843563156834 (Cloudy Cream Vinyl)
843563156841 (Black Vinyl)