Soft Kill - Savior - LP (clear)

Soft Kill - Savior - LP (clear)

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Portland Oregon’s SOFT KILL, ripped through 2016 with their first release on Profound Lore Records “Choke”, the follow up to 2015’s “Heresy” became the band’s most acclaimed LP to date and saw the band on a constant touring cycle in support of it through North America and Europe as demand for the band was on a constant upswing. SOFT KILL now return with the triumphant follow up full length “Savior” to be released by Profound Lore Records on (insert release date here), bringing their unique blend of gloom, laced with pop charm and flawless song writing that transcends the post punk genre.


The writing for “Savior” was sparked while returning from tour, frontman Tobias Grave’s wife began to bleed out in the van, at eight months pregnant they were in the middle of nowhere on the side of the road far from a medical facility. The band raced through the night landing at the emergency room of UC Davis Trauma Center in Sacramento where surgery was performed to save both the mother and unborn child. Although the surgery went well, baby Dominick’s lung collapsed on his second day of life causing him to flat line. Grave was forced to standby and watch as the doctors and nurses struggled to keep his newborn child alive with blood transfusions, breathing and feeding tubes. As days turned into weeks, stranded far from home, standing vigil, he purchased a guitar, borrowed a bass from a friend and began to write songs that eventually would become the core of “Savior”. Grave wrote songs about losing his son, his battle with drug addiction, the many tragedies that came along with that life, and the empty space suspended between mourning and celebration, life and death.


With “Savior”, recorded/mixed in Kingsize Sudios in Los Angeles and produced by Benjamin Greenberg (Uniform, The Men, Algiers) SOFT KILL have matured into a powerhouse, effortlessly combining genres, always with Grave’s powerful, raw emotional storytelling where we see a person come to grips with their own reflection as seen in the eyes of their dying son. From the pop perfection of ‘Trying Not to Die’ to the swelling and crushing guitars on ‘Hard Candy’ to the unrelenting dirge of ‘Bunny Room’, “Savior” is a creative tour de force. Drawing from a diverse musical palette, “Savior” is influenced by early U2, Gun Club, The Replacements and a requiem to Tom Petty.

LP Track Listing:

1. Swaddle

2. Trying Not To Die

3. Bunny Room

4. Savior

5. Missing

6. Changing Days

7. Dancing On Glass

8. Cry Now, Cry Later

9. Do You Feel Nothing?

10. Hard Candy


Label: Profound Lore Records

Media Type: LP

Release date: May 11, 2018