SOFT KILL - Choke - LP (black) re-press

SOFT KILL - Choke - LP (black) re-press

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12" LP


Soft Kill has discovered a depth of invention and creativity with “Choke”, vast and engaging in scope leaving the listener with an enduring and melancholic bliss. Warm, confident with lush guitars, “Choke” teems with melodic songs, generating urgency and vitality, elevating all that is potent in post punk, building impressively on their previous output.  “Choke” is the culmination of years spent perfecting a unique sound, crafted and haunting songwriting that places Soft Kill firmly in the canon of the genre.




1. Whirl    

2. Frankie 

3. Wake Up      

4. On The Inside       

5. Lost      

6. I’m Beside You     

7. Choke  

8. Feel Of The Knife


Label: Profound Lore Records

Media type: 12" LP

Release date: November 4, 2016


Genre: Post-Punk