PORTAL - Avow + Hagbulbia - Cassette Box Set

PORTAL - Avow + Hagbulbia - Cassette Box Set

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Limited edition 2xCassette Box Set consisting of PORTAL’s last two releases “Avow” and “Hagbulbia”.  Specifically mastered for cassette, these two cassettes come in a specially designed box with each cassette coming with a 12-panel designed J-Card.  Automatic download of each release provided upon purchase.

Track Listing “Avow” Cassette:
1. Catafalque
2. Eye
3. Offune
4. Manor Of Speaking
5. Bode
6. Drain

Track Listing “Hagbulbia” Cassette:
1. Stow
2. Of Straw And Cloth
3. Grail
4. Weptune
5. Hexodeus

Artist: PORTAL
Title: Avow + Hagbulbia Cassette Box Set
Label: Profound Lore Records
Catalog No.: PFL-256CS + PFL-257CS
Release Date: N/A