POP.1280 - Museum On The Horizon - Black Vinyl

POP.1280 - Museum On The Horizon - Black Vinyl

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New York’s Pop. 1280 was formed in 2008 by Chris Bug and Ivan Drip, with the vision of rebelling against the music of the day and making their own soundtrack for the end times. Initially a noise rock outfit, the band has released five LPs and numerous singles integrating diverse influences of industrial, EBM, techno, and post-punk into their signature sound. In 2018, Matthew Hord joined Chris and Ivan, and this new trio embarked on a collaborative journey that saw the band shed their rock roots and turn their focus toward sequencers, drum machines, samplers, and synthesizers. This exciting outpouring of creativity produced 2019’s Way Station LP.

Now, Pop. 1280 present their 2021 album, Museum on the Horizon, an industrial opus that epitomizes Pop. 1280’s drive to push themselves into new artistic territories, and to inspire each other to be bold and hold nothing back. Recorded, mixed and co-produced with Jonathan Schenke in Brooklyn, NY, Museum on the Horizon finds Pop. 1280 at the height of their powers on a thrill ride of industrial bangers.

Track Listing:
1. Museum On The Horizon
2. Noncomplaint
3. Not Too Deep
4. Two-Body Problem
5. Brennschluss
6. Mission Creep
7. Human Factor
8. Threads
9. Right Hand Man
10. Force Majeure

Artist: POP.1280
Title: Museum On The Horizon
Label: Profound Lore Records
Catalog No.: PFL-260LP
Release Date: Sept 24, 2021