PISSGRAVE - Suicide Euphoria - LP

PISSGRAVE - Suicide Euphoria - LP

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Philadelphia, PA’s PISSGRAVE are a new brutal and raw death metal band who have made one of the most notorious and talked about death metal albums of the year with “Suicide Euphoria”.
With “Suicide Euphoria”, which was produced by Arthur Rizk (PRURIENT, Power Trip, Inquisition), PISSGRAVE have created one of the sickest, rawest, most depraved and violent death metal releases of the year. Sounding unlike anything going on in death metal today, PISSGRAVE have revealed themselves as one of the most promising prospects in underground death metal today with their debut LP.


Side A:
01. Perpetual War
02. Impaled Vibration
03. Pain Enchantment
04. Fields Of Scattered Bones
05. Prevail In Hell

Side B:
06. Suicide Euphoria
07. The Second Sorrowful Mystery
08. Mass Cremation
09. Blood Fog

Label: Profound Lore Records
Media type: 12" LP
Release date: August 7, 2015
Genre: Death Metal