OF FEATHER AND BONE - Bestial Hymns Of Perversion - LP (Red)

OF FEATHER AND BONE - Bestial Hymns Of Perversion - LP (Red)

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Emerging from their Rocky Mountain crypts, OF FEATHER AND BONE spread their virulent strain of cryptic death metal on Bestial Hymns of Perversion, due March 9, 2018 on Profound Lore Records.  Bassist/vocalist AS and Guitarist/vocalist DG herald the endtimes with a dual guttural onslaught atop an everflowing stream of grime-caked riffs and PW’s whirlwind of blasts and d-beats. Invoking the claustrophobia of Autopsy and the visceral disgust of Incantation and Bolt Thrower, OF FEATHER AND BONE’s relentless death assault serves as the soundtrack to mankind’s fall.

After garnering substantial praise for their long sold-out 2016 demo, OF FEATHER AND BONE returned to Goldberg Studios during the summer of 2017 with Steve Goldberg (Cephalic Carnage) at the helm.  Mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound and featuring stunning cover art courtesy of Stefan Todorovic, Bestial Hymns of Perversion’s seven tracks of unrelenting death metal portend the destruction of the modern age.

Sales Points:

With “Bestial Hymns Of Perversion” OF FEATHER AND BONE have delivered one of the most unrelenting death/grind albums of the year.
OF FEATHER AND BONE will be doing relentless touring in support of “Bestial Hymns Of Perversion”.
For fans of Incantation, Autospy, Disma, Bolt Thrower.
OF FEATHER AND BONE will align themselves amongst the best and most active of the American underground death metal scene alongside such bands as Gatecreeper, Spectral Voice, Blood Incantation, Pissgrave, Chthe’ilist, and Full Of Hell.

1. Repulsive Obscurity
2. Resounding From The Depths
3. Lust For Torment
4. Mockery Of The Ascension
5. Hymn Of Perversion
6. Pious Abnormality
7. Throne Of The Serpent

Label: Profound Lore Records
Media type: 12" LP
Release date: March 23, 2018
Genre: Death Metal