MONARCH - Never Forever - 2xLP (clear)

MONARCH - Never Forever - 2xLP (clear)

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2x 12" LP

With their new album “Never Forever” France’s premiere extreme doom metal band MONARCH continue their singular style of punishing ritualistic amplifier worship and take it even more towards melancholic territory with their new LP.  Even more ghostly, atmospheric, and haunting than their predecessor.

1. Of Night With Knives
2. Song Of The Void
3. Cadaverine
4. Diamant Noir
5. Lilith

PFL 167:

12" vinly EP - etched B Side

PALLBEARER’s latest EP is a limited collectible 12” one-sided EP featuring three songs on Side A and a designed etching on Side B. The three songs featured on this exclusive EP is a reprised/re-mastered version of the band’s previous single “Fear & Fury” which was previously released as part of the Decibel magazine Flexi series to coincide with PALLBEARER’s appearance on last year’s Decibel Magazine Tour. The other two exclusive tracks on this EP is a cover of Black Sabbath’s “Over and Over” and a cover of Type O Negative’s “Love You To Death”.

The re-press has a regular LP jacket and and a two-sided insert. It is limited to 500 copies of each color.

Side A:
1. Fear & Fury
2. Over And Over
3. Love You To Death