LUMINOUS VAULT - Animate The Emptiness - Splatter Vinyl

LUMINOUS VAULT - Animate The Emptiness - Splatter Vinyl

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Yellow/ Red/Purple Colour Mix with Light Green Splatter Vinyl

NY-based industrial/electronic black metal duo LUMINOUS VAULT, consisting of Mario Diaz De Leon (vocals/guitars/synthesizers/programming) and Samuel Smith (bass/vocals), have completed work on their debut full-length LP “Animate The Emptiness” which follows the unit’s two previous EP “Charismata” (2017).

With “Animate The Emptiness”, LUMINOUS VAULT sees musical culmination of the two members’ creative repertoire in a new expression.  With De Leon’s experience and work within the realm of classical music and his Oneirogen project along with Smith’s work in Artificial Brain and Aeviterne, “Animate The Emptiness” presents itself as a vessel for the two musicians to explore new territory further within the realm of dark music by way of black metal and industrial music while treading adjacently within the familiarity of the other projects they dwell within.

Through a surgically cold sonic canvas consisting of piercing blood freezing riffs, hypnotic pulsating beats, and atmospherically charged electronics, “Animate The Emptiness” is an expression that tethers that of the harsh, desolate, rhythmically lurking, the melancholic, and ultimately that of the epic, celestial and soaring.

- Single LP jacket with a designed insert and a download card

Track Listing:
1. Invoke Radiant Gleam
2. Incarnate Flame Arise
3. Divine Transduction
4. Regeneration
5. Earth Daemon
6. Embryonic
7. Ancient North

Title: Animate The Emptiness
Label: Profound Lore Records
Catalog No.: PFL-270LP
Release Date: May 20, 2022
843563147054 (Black Vinyl)
843563147078(Colour Mix with splatter)
843563147061(Double Orb Effect)