LEVIATHAN - Verräter (4LP)

LEVIATHAN - Verräter (4LP)

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This (late) Nov will see the release of LEVIATHAN's cult "Verräter" demo comp on vinyl format for the first time.  Originally released as a double CD on the Tumult label in 2002, "Verräter" was the first LEVIATHAN release to introduce the black metal entity to a wider audience much beyond those select local few who were previously aware of the LEVIATHAN beast through the obtainment of the slew of limitedly pressed demos Wrest had released (around 15 or so demos) within the shadows between 1998-2002.  "Verräter" was a collection of carefully curated tracks compiled from the collection of demos and the various independent CDR releases Wrest recorded from said time period.  It was through "Verräter" that would set the stage for what would become one of the most important and influential black metal artists of our time.

Presented as a 4xLP, "Verräter" was re-mastered for vinyl by Dan Lowndes from the original CDR mixes of the tracks.  Presented in an 8-panel vinyl jacket with a slipcase, the new presentation of “Verrater” will feature expansive new artwork by Abomination Hammer and liner notes by Neill Jameson. 

Track Listing:
1. Courtship Of The Discarded
2. Suckling At The Teat Of Revenge
3. In This Slaveship
4. The Whole Of Deceit
5. Shed This Skin
6. King Of Province Glacial
7. Through The Womb Of The Moon
8. Sklaverei.
9. Cruelty Juggernaut
10. Of Hive And The Haunted Sea
11. White Devil Black Metal
12. Black Fire Serenity
13. Lights Last Cry – Time End
14. …Are Lunartic
15. Carrion
16. Opaque
17. The Sinking
18. Force The Hand Of Evilution
19. Return To Evernight
20. It Comes In Whispers
21. Of Wolves Lineage, We Are Bond
22. Blood Red And True

Title: Verrater (4LP)
Label: Profound Lore Records
Catalog No.: PFL-230LP
Release Date: Nov 22, 2019