LEVIATHAN - Shadow Of No Light (8 x Demo Tape Box Set)

LEVIATHAN - Shadow Of No Light (8 x Demo Tape Box Set)

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LEVIATHAN “Shadow Of No Light” Demo Cassette Box is comprised of eight of LEVIATHAN’s early demos recorded between 1998-2002: Leviathan, Time End, Misanthropicnecroblasphemy, Demo V, Shadow Of No Light, Intolerance, Sacrifice Love At The Altar Of War, and Howl Mockery At The Cross.
This compendium, comprised of over 400 minutes worth of music, presents the demonstration of Wrest’s early work during the larval stages of the LEVIATHAN saga.  While for the most part retaining the overall presentation and aesthetic of the demo tapes when were initially released by Wrest himself , these eight demos were given the slight re-mastering touch directly from the original tape sources by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound, giving the audio a slight clean/leveling up while not deviating from the raw harsh psychedelic primal black metal sound of how the demos originally sounded.
Alongside the eight demo tapes, the “Shadow Of No Light” collection also comes with a 12-page booklet with exclusive artwork and design by Ulises which features an exclusive interview with Wrest conducted by Niklas Göransson (Bardo Methodology).  It also contains a master download card for all the audio herein with the box design and the j-card reproduction done by Dan Fried.

Title: Shadow Of No Light (8 x Demo Tape Box Set)
Label: Profound Lore Records
Catalog No.: PFL-284
UPC: 843563154267

Demo Cassette Box Track Listing:

Side A
1. Six Agents
2. Opaque
3. The Sinking
4. For Blackness And The Reason
Side B
5. Revel The Tyrant
6. Long Absent Monarch
7. Treason And Revenge

Side A
1. Fairy Tale For The Righteous
2. Black Fire Serenity
3. Light’s Last Cry
4. Shadow Holocaust
5. The Moon Shown On Our Plague Victorious
Side B
6. Force The Hand Of Evilution
7. Awakened By Coldest Fire
8. Time End II

1. Sodomize The Golden
2. Mudhole
3. Thy Lacerations
4. Return To Evernight
Side B
5. Liar Of Nazareth
6. Carrion
7. Hypochrist

Side A
1. Cannibal (Scratch Acid cover)
2. Stripped (Depeche Mode cover)
3. Man With The X-Ray Eyes (Bauhaus cover)
4. Loch Ness (The Monitors cover)
Side B
5. Instrument (Lungfish cover)
6. Headcut (Siouxsie And The Banshees cover)
7. Adored (The Stone Roses cover)
8. Dieche (Sex Gang Children cover)

Side A
1. Intro
2. Give War A Chance
3. Opaque
4. It Comes In Whispers
5. Prevail In Decay
Side B
6. Shadow Of No Light
7. The Sinking
8. Bile Eucharist
9. Blood Red And True
10. Outro

Side A
1. In This Slaveship
2. Kill You
3. Light’s Last Cry
4. Black Fire Serenity
5. Hollow
Side B
6. Forked Tongue Empress
7. Skull Clay
8. Never For Peace
9. On Your Knees
10. Through The Womb Of The Moon

Side A
1. Hanged Man
2. Courtship Of The Discarded
3. Futility Disease
4. The Whole Of Deceit
5. Those Slimey Things Are Real
Side B
6. Heiress Of Worms
7. Red Sands
8. Just Under Tainted Grace
9. Angelic Face
10. Shed This Skin

Side A
1. Conflagration
2. Axis And Maw Of Inferno
3. Lycanthropus Rex
4. Suckling At The Teat Of Revenge
5. Sklaverei
6. Travelling Of The Ocean’s Skull
Side B
7. King Of Province - Glacial
8. The Idiot Sun
9. Full OF Hive And The Haunted Sea
10. Hidden Track