DISMA - Towards The Megalith - LP (Transparent Green with Yellow + Black splatter)

DISMA - Towards The Megalith - LP (Transparent Green with Yellow + Black splatter)

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Comes in a single LP gatefold jacket with an insert and a download card


Towards The Megalith Vinyl Editions:

100 units on Green/Black Colour Mix

100 units on Transparent Green w/ Yellow + Black Splatter

100 units on Clear Vinyl

700 units on Black Vinyl




Vinyl re-issue of DISMA’s 2011 death metal monolith “Towards The Megalith” one of the most praised death metal releases not only of that year but of the last ten years.  Originally released in 2013 on vinyl by Doomentia Records and having been out of print and sold out for several years ever since (along with fetching for high prices on the vinyl marketplace), “Towards The Megalith” finally sees its resurgence on the vinyl format and once again put in print courtesy of their label Profound Lore Records.

Track Listing:

1. Chaos Apparition

2. Of A Past Forlorn

3. Spectral Domination

4. Purulent Quest

5. Chasm Of Oceanus

6. Lost In The Burial Fog

7. Vault Of Membros

8. Towards The Megalith


Title: Towards The Megalith

Label: Profound Lore Records

Catalog No.: PFL-80LP

Release Date: N/A