BLACK MECHA - Counterforce 2xLP - Black Vinyl

BLACK MECHA - Counterforce 2xLP - Black Vinyl

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"Counterforce" the crowning new release of mentation electronics, from BLACK MECHA (masterminded by Fortress Crookedjaw of WOLD) provides raw beats and hooks, alongside reflexive black laser rays, cumulating in a type of sci-fi themed conceptual rhythm music for your mind/body; (one in the same).


Side A:
1. Counterforce
2. Mobile Anzug Damgun

Side B:
3. Inner Star War
4. Interregnum
5. Non-force Sensitive

Side C:
6. Five Point Badge
7. Archetypo
8. Actual Edge

Side D:
9. Victory Black Mecha
10. Axis E.P

Label: Profound Lore Records

Media type: 12" vinyl EP

Release date: March 23, 2018
Death Metal / Doom