BELL WITCH - Mirror Reaper - 2xLP Orange

BELL WITCH - Mirror Reaper - 2xLP Orange

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With their third full-length album “Mirror Reaper”, Seattle doom metal duo BELL
WITCH have created their most enormous and all encompassing work to date that will
see its official release on Digital/2xCD/2xLP on Oct 20 th . By taking their blueprint for
minimalistic (the sole use of bass guitar, drums, and vocals), mournful, yet massive
sounding doom to a new level with “Mirror Reaper”, BELL WITCH have attempted the
unthinkable in the genre; a continuous 83 minute piece unfolding as a single time-
stretching track. Once again engineered and mixed by veteran producer Billy Anderson
who claims “Mirror Reaper” as one of the milestones in his entire producing career, the
duo of Dylan Desmond (bass, vocals) and Jesse Shreibman (drums, vocals, organ) have
pushed the BELL WITCH sound even further beyond their landmark 2015 LP, the genre
defining “Four Phantoms”. While still harnessing that massive, overwhelming,
monolithic crushing enveloping heaviness “Mirror Reaper” sees BELL WITCH explore
even further the other aspect of their sound; the more meditative, melancholic,
introspective, and somber tones making these elements even more singular. With the
addition of organ adding a new layer to BELL WITCH’s sound “Mirror Reaper” also
sees honorary BELL WITCH member and guest vocalist Erik Moogridge (of Aerial
Ruin) return once again offering an even more prominent presence with his vocals.

BELL WITCH, formed by Dylan Desmond (ex-Samothrace) and ex-drummer/vocalist
Adrian Guerra (RIP) first made an immediate impact within the death/doom metal scene
with their 2011 self-titled demo and would then partner with Profound Lore Records for
the release of their debut album “Longing” in Nov 2012. The duo’s second LP, the
acclaimed “Four Phantoms” released in April of 2015 would result in being recognized as
one of the doom metal triumphs of that year. It was a turning point album which saw the
band do even more extensive touring (in North America and Europe) and perform at
many notable events and festivals such as Roadburn, Basilica Soundscape, Pitchfork
Northside, Sled Island, and Psycho CA. Sept of 2015 would see a crucial turning point
which saw Guerra leave the band and be replaced by current
drummer/keyboardist/vocalist Jesse Shreibman. In May 2016 tragedy would hit with the
untimely death of former and co-founding member Adrian Guerra.

On the themes surrounding the concept and lyrics of “Mirror Reaper” the band state,
“Our original idea for this record was to write a two song album titled ‘As Above/So
Below’. These two songs would have been split into seven movements to correlate with
the 7 Hermetic principals. The process took a life of it's own and upon completion we have 1 song spanning 83 minutes. It is to be titled ‘Mirror Reaper’ in reference to the axiom ‘As Above So Below’. During the writing process we were devastated by the loss of our dear friend and former drummer, Adrian Guerra. In love and respect to his memory, we reserved an important yet brief section in the song for him that features vocal tracks left over from our last album. We believe he would be proud of it.”


1. Mirror Reaper

Label: Profound Lore Records
Media type: 2x 12" LP
Release date: October 20, 2017
Genre: Doom