ALTAR OF PLAGUES - TripleVinyl Boxset

ALTAR OF PLAGUES - TripleVinyl Boxset

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ALTAR OF PLAGUES Vinyl Boxset Specs:
Slide in box with spot gloss containing 5 vinyl records total each packaged in their own separate vinyl jackets, master download card for all three albums also included.


ALTAR OF PLAGUES Trilogy vinyl boxset, Profound Lore’s 300th release, sees the three landmark ALTAR OF PLAGUES full-length albums, “White Tomb”, “Mammal”, and “Teethed Glory & Injury”, re-issued with new artwork and design, presented in a collectors boxset.  The limited edition vinyl boxset contains five records total, each in their own sleeve, all re-mastered for vinyl from the original mixes, with “White Tomb” being a single LP and “Mammal” and “Teethed Glory & Injury” each a double LP respectively.  This also marks the first time Profound Lore has actually pressed “White Tomb” and “Mammal” on vinyl format.

Track Listing:

White Tomb LP:
1. As A Womb, 2. As A Furnace, 3. Watchers Restrained, 4. Gentian Truth

Mammal 2xLP: 1. Neptune Is Dead, 2. Feather And Bone, 3. When The Sun Drowns In The Ocean, 4. All Life Converges To Some Center

Teethed Glory and Injury 2xLP: 1. Mills, 2. God Alone, 3. A Body Shrouded, 4. Burnt Year, 5. A Remedy And A Fever, 6. Twelve Was Ruin, 7. Scald Scar Of Water, 8. Found, Oval and Final, 9. Reflection Pulse Remains

Title: Trilogy Vinyl Boxset
Label: Profound Lore Records
Catalog No.: PFL-300
Release Date: May 05, 2023